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30 Years of Experience

For nearly 35 years, Irish Springs Pools & Spas has led the Amarillo area in innovation, quality, and design. We transform backyards into luxury retreats where you can relax, restore, and be refreshed by beautiful design. From the highest quality spas to contemporary pools, luxury patio furniture, and water wellness regimes, we cover all your outdoor living needs.


Our History

Irish Springs Pools & Spas has been a leader in innovation, quality, and design in the Amarillo area for almost 35 years. Our goal is to create luxurious backyard retreats that promote relaxation, restoration, and refreshment through beautiful design. We offer a complete range of outdoor living solutions, from top-of-the-line spas and modern pools to luxury patio furniture and water wellness programs.

Exclusive Sundance & Jacuzzi Dealer

As the exclusive Sundance and Jacuzzi dealer in the area, we bring the latest designs and cutting-edge technology to our customers. Our spas are the pinnacle of engineering, design, technology, and wellness benefits. Once you experience the transformative power of hydrotherapy, you will never look back. You will appreciate water's potential to strengthen the body, calm the mind, and bring serenity to your daily life.

We Are Different

Irish Springs stands out from other pool builders because of our commitment to craftsmanship. Our team is involved in every step of the process, from design to meticulous handcrafting of every detail. This artisanal work cannot be replicated by machines, and our process combines architectural design with superior construction. Our holistic approach covers all aspects of production, and our unique ability to draw, design, render, and build sets us apart from other firms that only offer design or construction services.


Our Dedication

You will see our dedication to detail in our exquisite tile and travertine work, as well as in the stunning architectural features such as floating steps, submerged chaise lounges, luxurious daybeds, and open-air California rooms. Our designs are centered around the pool and can include additional features such as swim-up bars, sunken fire pits, feature walls, and cabanas, providing a range of options for outdoor entertainment. Our owner, Shaughn, has over 25 years of professional home building experience, ensuring that our designs are seamlessly integrated with the existing architecture of your home.

Whether you prefer contemporary designs with clean lines and minimal palettes or a Mission-style aesthetic with natural elements and organic components, we have the expertise to deliver an elegant and timeless result. Ready to transform your outdoor living space? Visit our website to learn more about our spa selections or fill out a pool design form to get started.

Image by Arturo Rivera
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